Overwatch surpasses 15 million players, Blizzard announces World Cup

Overwatch has officially passed 15 million total players, with all of them clocking in at over 500 million hours of gameplay.

Overwatch has seen 15 million players, 500 million play hours

Overwatch has seen 15 million players, 500 million play hours

Blizzard announced these details via their second quarter earnings report. The report also acknowledged that Blizzard has the largest online player community in its history, thanks to the success of Overwatch, as well as the tried and true communities behind HearthStone and, of course, World of Warcraft.

With this, Blizzard announced the next event coming to Overwatch, the Overwatch World Cup. The event will be held at Blizzcon in November, and will utilize the Rocket-League style game mode.

The event has multiple phases. The first phase sees Blizzard nominating certain player from different regions, be it because they are pro, online personalities or some other marker. The fans of the game will then get to vote for the team they want to represent their region.

Following this there will be elimination rounds. These rounds will see, by the end of it, sixteen teams that will compete at Blizzcon, including four from the Americas, six from Europe and six from Asia-Pacific.

However specific teams from the regions are advancing no matter what, listed below:

Americas: United States, Canada, Brazil

APAC: China, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand

Blizzard is citing that this is due to, “Due to a variety of factors, including server locations, regional infrastructure and connectivity, and other geographical considerations, these countries will automatically be advancing to the competition at BlizzCon for this exhibition.”

Of course, I think it’s because the teams automatically advancing are the teams that will get the most viewership for the games, but that’s none of my business.


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