Niantic delivers more information on recent Pokémon GO updates

In a lengthy blog post on their website, Niantic addressed some of the controversial issues surrounding their game.

Niantic outlined the causes for which they took down sites like PokéVision, which provided players a 3rd-party tracking system, seeing as the in-game system was inoperable. Honestly, their reasons made sense.

They explained that these sites were using up so many server resources, that it was rendering them unable to keep the game up for existing users, but also to roll the game out into other countries. Most recently, the game has been released in Latin America (including Brazil). The graphic below outlines their reasoning:

The graph show a steep drop in queries when sites like PokéVision were taken down

The graph show a steep drop in queries when sites like PokéVision were taken down

They said that, in addition to the actual servers feeling the heat from these sites, Niantic also had to ensure that they had people working on keeping the servers running, which were people who could have been working on fixing broken features and releasing the game elsewhere.

Niantic also addressed the loss of the tracking system, stating, “We have heard feedback about the Nearby feature in the game and are actively working on it.” Of course, this doesn’t mean much, seeing as they didn’t say if they were bringing it back, or updating it or changing it to some other method.

While their explanation for taking down the 3rd-party tracking sites makes sense, they still have not done anything to fix the issues that most players are upset about, like the loss of good, in-game tracking.

The post ended with them saying that they look forward to getting on stable footing to work on new features. Unfortunately, I foresee that they will get on stable footing, not by catching up to demand, but by seeing demand drop to a place where they can manage it.


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