QuakeCon 2016: Quake Champions looks super-fast, super-messy

If you’re a fan of old-school shooters, with all their super-fast action, rocket jumps, and gib splatters, looks like you’re in luck. The team at id understands what people want, and they’re delivering it in spades. Here’s a look at some of the gameplay that’s in store when Quake Champions hits some time next year. This is part of a presentation at this year’s QuakeCon by id Software Studio Director Tim Willits, and if it doesn’t get you just a little bit excited, we’d like you to check your pulse.

As is tradition at QuakeCon, we missed out on some attendee-only stuff: A proper look at each of the four Champions we last saw at E3 (newcomers Nyx and Scalebearer, joining classics Ranger and Visor), plus an introduction to another old favourite: Anarki, a “lanky speed-demon with a sweet hoverboard”. Plus, while Mr Willits didn’t mention any names, he teased a further three Champions… and has confirmed there will be “at least a dozen” to choose from when the game enters closed beta (that will, of course, be in 2017).

If you want to know more about Quake Champions – including information on the world’s first public exhibition match – check out Bethesda.net!

QuakeCon is an annual celebration of all things Bethesda. Even if you’re firmly in the “Unreal is better” camp, this weekend’s events in Texas are still pretty exciting, don’t you think?

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