QuakeCon 2016: Let’s take a look at Prey

We loved what we saw of Prey when it was revealed at E3, and now we’ve seen a little bit more. Here’s a glimpse of the Talos I space station that Morgan Yu calls home, which is slowly also becoming home to the ominous Typhon aliens. This first-look gameplay trailer also features a selection of the tools, weapons and mysterious powers Morgan has at his fingertips, and the team at Arkane have also shed some more light on what’s in store.

You find yourself aboard Talos I, a state-of-the-art R&D facility orbiting Earth, and you’re immediately thrown into a world of danger after an alien lifeform (known as Typhon) breaks containment. It’s up to you to combat the threat that has taken over the space station using your wits and any of the unique weapons and tools you find onboard the station, along with a host of mysterious abilities. This is Prey, Arkane Studios’ bold reimaging of the franchise.

Remember, this is – controversially – a brand new game, not a sequel or spin-off, and it has virtually no connection to the original game. What it does have, however, is Morgan Yu, who has been subjected to “morally dubious experiments” that may or may not have given him alien powers.

One of the things that we love (and hate) about QuakeCon is the amount of stuff that’s shown behind tightly-closed doors. Attendees to this year’s show were given the opportunity to see Prey gameplay first-hand, presented by Arkane’s Co-creative Director Raphael Colantonio and Lead Designer Ricardo Bare. We here on the outside missed out on seeing just how that unfolded, but the team at Bethesda have prepared a bit of a writeup recapping what went on.

…we’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll see some of that footage released in the fullness of time – Prey doesn’t launch until 2017 and we’re getting impatient!

QuakeCon is an annual celebration of all things Bethesda! Even if you’re firmly in the “Unreal is better” camp, this weekend’s events in Texas are still pretty exciting.

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