Glitch in Overwatch’s Lucioball opens other characters

A glitch discovered in Overwatch’s new limited-time game mode, Lucioball, has been discovered that allows players to play as characters other than the modified version of Lucio.

Lucioball is part of the Summer Games event by Blizzard.

Lucioball is part of the Summer Games event by Blizzard.

This glitch essentially ruins the game mode, as Lucio has been modified to have only defensive moves, whilst all the other characters have all of their move sets. Videos on Youtube indicate that by pressing buttons before the match gives a random character selection.

Blizzard is, however aware of the issue, so the glitch will most likely not be available for long.

Lucioball came alongside the Summer Games update, which saw loads of new items added that can be received from specific loot boxes. These limited time items are only available through August 22nd, which Blizzard defended, stating that they wanted the items to be rare and special. Blizzard also recently indicated that if this event is successful, they would like to have it again next year.

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