This is what you need to know about Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves was one of the games that most excited me at E3 this year. It’s the first original IP from Rare in what seems like forever, and the team working on the game has made it something pretty special. Even though the piratical adventures are still a little while away, this new video sheds a bit of light on what exactly Sea of Thieves really is.

Putting it simply, if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a pirate, now’s your chance. (We’re talking the sea-faring type, not the, um, illegal radio broadcast type, unfortunately.) You’ll be able to battle other ships, look for treasure and explore most, if not all, of the seven seas.

It’s also taking an interesting approach to multiplayer – it’s technically not an MMO, despite being an online game that typically involves interacting (and dare we say roleplaying) with other players. You do have the option of heading out by yourself if you don’t play well with others, but it does look like the more the merrier, and you’re encouraged to team up with friends as you set sail.

We caught up with Joe Neate, Executive Producer on the game while we were at E3, and bailed him up with some questions of our own – keep an eye out for that one coming soon to Player Attack!

Sea of Thieves is due “some time in 2017” (February?), as a Play Anywhere game for both Xbox One and Windows 10. Buy the game digitally on one platform and you’ll get it on the other, with all sorts of carried-over files and settings and savegames – it’s a pretty sweet deal!

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