No Man’s Sky First Update Nearly Done

Even though the game has yet to actually be released, the first update for No Man’s Sky is being wrapped up by developer Hello Games.

Creative Lead Sean Murray posted a picture to Twitter with words accompanying saying that the update would include, “Lots of new features, balancing and content.”

Sadly, that is all that has been said, so there is no more information on exactly what any of that means, but hype for the video game has been through the roof.

The survival video game is set for release on August 9th.


One person paid more than $1,300 to get the game early, and says he has reached the center of the universe, claiming it took around thirty hours. This is disappointing, as players have been promised a massive universe and a journey of “hundreds of hours” to get to the center of the universe.

However, he did slightly exploit a feature of the game to make it much easier for him to get their more quickly, so it is possible that in this coming update, we could see that fixed.

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