Inside Coming to PS4 in August

PlayDead’s most recent game, Inside, is officially coming to PS4 on August 23.

PlayDead's Inside is officially coming to PS4

PlayDead’s Inside is officially coming to PS4

Originally released on Xbox One on June 29th and PC a week later, rumors had been floating in the atmosphere that there would be a PlayStation release, and it is now official.

Inside, which is one of the best-reviewed games of the year so far, Inside is one of those beautifully designed games that can be both uplifting and haunting as you go throughout the game. It is one of those games that, while still technically a 2D platformer, can so deeply envelop the player that he or she forgets the simplicity of the design. The art that surrounds the game truly encapsulates the shift video games have been making into being cinematic interactive stories.

The game came as a follow-up to PlayDead’s Limbo.

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