Ghostbusters Game Developer Files for Bankruptcy

According to Kotaku, three days after the release of the new Ghostbuster’s movie tie-in game, the developer filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.¬†Fireforge Games has been attempting to liquidate assets to pay off at least $12 million in debt, according to the filings.

Fireforge's Ghostbusters was not received well, and didn't provide the success needed to bring them out of bankruptcy.

Fireforge’s Ghostbusters was not received well, and didn’t provide the success needed to keep them out of bankruptcy.

Fireforge Games has only notably made this game, which was received terribly alongside its release on July 12 with the new Ghostbusters movie. According to one person who worked on it, the game was created in just eight months, perhaps explaining why it is so awful.

Fireforge was founded by an ex-Blizzard employee named Tim Campbell in 2011, and has been working on, but then stopping production on, two MOBA-style games. One of the games, codenamed Zeus, was going to be released by hardware company Razer. The other, codenamed Atlas, was due to be released by Chinese company Tencent, who also owns 37% stake in Fireforge.

Fireforge owes about $11.3 million to Tencent, and has also been caught up in a lawsuit with Min Productions, owned by Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan.

According to Tan, Fireforge used the funds that he was providing for the production of Zeus on the production of Atlas for Tencent. Fireforge alleges that they began production on Atlas only after Razer had stopped funding Zeus.

Even moreover, lawyer Richard Land, the person responsible for selling the games and IP of 28 Studios following that company’s closure, sued Fireforge in 2015. He alleges that Fireforge licensed 38 Studios’ social media platform Helios for $3.7 million, but then backed out and hired 38 Studios employees to then create their own.

This just seems like one giant and chaotic mess, and it seems like it won’t be ending well for anyone.

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