Pokémon GO Legendary Caught! (MAYBE)

Well, it seems a Legendary Pokémon may have been caught, but reports are scattered.

Reddit users in Ohio have been reporting Articunos sitting on gyms. Many have provided footage and screenshots, but at this point it is difficult to tell what is real and what is fake.

An Articuno may or may not have been spotted taking gyms in Ohio.

An Articuno may or may not have been spotted taking gyms in Ohio.

The alleged owner posted on her local Pokémon GO Facebook group that the Articuno was a gift to her from Niantic after she reported some sort of issue. She also posted a video (below).


While this may be a possibility, it seems to be awfully strange. The majority of speculation has been that the Legendaries would be released at specific events for the game, and releasing one this way just seems like it would be a major way to kill hype for their potential releases.

Some speculate that if it is real, it is a glitch. Recently, players have been reporting finding Pokémon, just to see them turn up as something different once they are caught. There is a chance that somehow this Articuno may have been a glitch in the code that has changed what was probably a Weedle into the Legendary, as we definitely know that the Legendaries are in the code.

Keeping in mind this may all be a hoax, IF it is real (and not a glitch), it may just be a distraction method by Niantic to take the eye balls off of their latest (and awful) update that removed numerous features, including tracking, that players loved. They responded today to the criticism, so they definitely know that people are upset. Perhaps no publicity is bad publicity, but if this is really how Niantic intends to handle itself, then it’s awfully disappointing.


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