Fans demand Pokémon Go refunds after gameplay changes

There was a pretty serious update released for Pokémon Go over the weekend, and while it introduced some good things, it broke others, and removed a few in-game features. Predictably, some fans are a bit upset – and they’re demanding their money back.

Pokemon Go: Before and After

Pokemon Go: Before and After

(Before you ask – yes, Pokémon Go is a free game. But there are things you can buy with real-world money, and that expense is what people are requesting refunds for.)

“I mentioned update killed tracking and third party tracking websites and made my purchases function differently then expected,” writes Redditor ultraelitedd.

The latest update for the game (also available for iOS) has added the ability to customise your avatars from the profile screen. It’s also added a bunch of artwork for achievement medals, refined some gym animations, tweaked the user interface on the Pokémon details screen, and improved memory issues.

However, it also removed footprints of nearby Pokémon, a feature that has been broken for weeks now (but when it was working, was wonderful). This means that the Pokémon shown as “nearby” can be anywhere, up to around 500m away. Useful, but somewhat less than when distance was broken down a bit further. Making things worse – you can no longer select and track a single Pokémon from the list, so you’re basically walking blind.

The update also – while it doesn’t mention it – removed API access so that sites like PokéVision no longer show where Pokémon have spawned and are lurking. This is on top of the recent update to the game that has changed where Pokémon are spawning (squashing many popular “nests” of single types), so gameplay has changed dramatically in the past week or so.

People have reported successful refunds from both the iOS App Store and Google Play, but your mileage may vary. Money spent recently – within the past day or two before the change – is more likely to be refunded than something you spent two weeks ago.

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