Meet Cassandra, The Voodoo Queen – Mafia III

One of the best areas at E3 this year was the Mafia III stand, it was like walking back in time to New Orleans, and so far the trailers they have released for the game are just as awsome.

So introducing Cassandra, The Voodoo Queen

We don’t have a lot of information on her just yet but what we do know is she is “A first-hand witness to the mob’s ruthless trafficking rackets, she’s vowed to take them down no matter the cost. She’s as ruthless as she is mysterious. God help anyone that gets in her way.”

So thats it, don’t cross her. If you have missed all the news about the latest Mafia III, this time we are heading back go 1968, in a New Bordeaux, a New Orleans type town. It’s not the dirty 50’s mafia we are used of seeing.

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