Can you Survive in No Man’s Sky? Trailer says no.

The final trailer in the No Man’s Sky Guides series has landed and it’s a heart thumping ride through some of the many ways the game will try to kill you.

Titled “Survive” it runs through some of the hostile planetary environments, dangerous creatures and of course the Sentinels. Environmental dangers include the obvious “too hot” and “too cold” but also toxic air, radiation and low oxygen atmospheres. Combinations seem likely, though so many alerts are smashed into the trailer it’s hard to tell…

Remember, this is the game promising eleventy bajillion planets and everyone will get a unique starting planet. If my journey starts on a hot, toxic, radioactive, low oxygen nightmare world I will be most displeased.

And impressed! But mostly displeased.

This is likely not the final trailer before the game’s US release on August 9th. August 10th on PS4 in Australia and Europe. August 12th worldwide and on PC. (Just pick one date, gosh!)

Looking for the previous three No Man’s Sky trailers?

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#3 Trade

Are we nearly there yet?

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