Nintendo documentary from 1994 makes the rounds online

A documentary about Nintendo from 1994 is currently floating its way through the internet via Reddit and Twitter user Dan Owsen, uploaded by YouTube channel Game Escape. Originally from a French movie called ‘Otaku,’ the video was later dubbed in German for TV and explores Nintendo’s mantra of catering audiences of all ages while strongly maintaining loyalty to the interests of young people.

The video starts out discussing Nintendo’s roots as a card-game company in the late 1800s and how even back then their games (and pretty much all games, really) were under scrutiny from society. It then goes into how the company moved to computer-based games (the Famicom and Super Famicom, or NES and SNES, respectively, in the West) for families. It’s fascinating insight into the core values of Nintendo’s business that are pretty much entirely upheld even today. Also they could smoke in their meeting rooms 20 years ago.

The standout moments of the video however is a young-ish Shigeru Miyamoto, working in the trenches alongside other developers in his own little cubicle outfitted with all the clutter and personal paraphernalia (like a guitar) that many in office jobs can relate to. At 40 years old, Miyamoto discusses Mario’s popularity and the trending question of the time: is Mario as popular as Mickey Mouse?

Unless you can speak German, be sure to have subtitles turned on.

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