The International 2016 breaks more prize pool records

The International 6 kicks off in just over a week, and – right on schedule – the event’s prize pool has eclipsed last year’s effort. This means that Valve’s upcoming event is the most financially lucrative eSports event in the world, with the majority of the winnings coming from the audience itself.

At time of writing, the prize pool stands at $18,558,187 – that is, nearly $130k more than last year’s record prize of $18,429,613. Making this even more impressive is the fact that last year, prize funding was open for 101 days. This year, funding has been open for just 70 days (according to Dota2.PrizeTrac.Kr), which means the pool only stands to get bigger.

Some of what you'll get in The International Battle Pass

Some of what you’ll get in The International Battle Pass

If, for whatever reason, you’d like to contribute to this ridiculously huge prize, you can do that by grabbing the International 6 Battle Pass, which features an equally ridiculous amount of stuff.

The initial bundle includes:

  • Three Immortal Treasures
  • Exclusive seasonal terrain
  • Taunt
  • Weather effect
  • Music pack
  • Cursor pack
  • Evolving Courier
  • Evolving Ward
  • Emoticon pack
  • HUD
  • Loading screens
  • Effigy Block
  • Announcer pack

…then, there’s a new Quest system (it’s better than the old one), plus a return of the wagering and tipping system, and we’re promised that Community Challenges will stick around throughout the Battle Pass season.

Want in? The Battle Pass will cost you $10 at level 1, or you can buy in at level 50 for $26.99. Alternatively, pick up additional levels in bundles – 5, 11 or 24 – for a range of prices.

The International 6 kicks off in Seattle on August 13 – if we had any information about timetabling, events, or program details, we’d share, but Valve has been remarkably quiet. Sorry.

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