Live action trailer for Mafia III is so very, very stylish

I’m still not sure how I feel about live-action trailers for video games. On one hand, it feels like something that the developers should be able to create in-game… but on the other, real people can convey something completely different than a collection of animated pixels. Like today’s update – a 90 second glimpse of the world of Mafia III, entitled “Death Suits You”.

It’s impossible to talk much about this video without giving things away, but let’s just say it features a man getting dressed for a very important event.

What we can talk about though is that stunning location at the beginning. It’s the real-world Rosedown Plantation, one of the most intact and well-documented examples of a domestic plantation complex in Louisiana. It’s now around a tenth of the size it used to be, but it’s absolutely stunning and a completely appropriate location to use in place of the in-game New Bordeaux.

We spent some time looking at Mafia III while at E3 this year, and were blown away by what we saw. The game tells the story of Lincoln Clay, an orphan (and Vietnam war veteran), who is building up his own crime family in order to confront the Italian mob currently running New Bordeaux: Family isn’t who you’re born with, it’s who you die for.

…and as if that wasn’t interesting enough, the entire game is presented as a memory, captured by a local filmmaker many years after the events of 1968.

The best thing? We don’t have to wait long for this one. Mafia 3 is out for Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One, from October 7. It’s developed by new studio Hangar 13, who have taken over the reins from previous Mafia studio, 2k Czech.

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