QuakeCon or should I say DoomCon Events announced

Every year around this time I get jealous and spiteful, and words like “Unreal is better” and “Quake sucks” come out of my mouth. This isn’t because I don’t like Quake and everything to do with me never actually attending a QuakeCon. This year is no different, so “Unreal is better” and “Quake sucks”. Now I have that out of the way, QuakeCon schedule of events has been announced.



Highlights of the event include

Panel: Uncapped: DOOM and the Power of idTech 6

  • Sit down with members of id Software’s technology team (Robert Duffy, Chief Technology Officer; Billy Khan, Lead Programmer; Tiago Sousa, Lead Rendering Programmer; Shale Williams, Technical Specialist) to get an inside look on how they drive technology decisions and push the limits on graphics, framerates, and performance.

Fast as Hell: Live Speedrun

  • Watch as record-holder DraQu puts his world class speed-running abilities on display while playing DOOM running on Vulkan.

QuakeCon Attendee Exclusive Presentation of Prey and Dishonored 2

  • Did I mention Unreal is better and Quake sucks.

Of course there is all the normal things you would expect a full exhibit hall packed with companies, table top games, and even a BYOC Shirt  Design Contest. You can see the full lineup on the QuakeCon website.

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