New No Man’s Sky trailer brings the pewpew

After a false start, with the video being released a little early, a new trailer for No Man’s Sky has officially been unveiled. Titled “FIGHT” it is labelled Video 2. If you missed Video 1, Explore, watch it here. There is as yet no sign of Video 3 or 4. Stay tuned?

At the start of the video we’re given a list of four Guides to the Galaxy; Explore, Fight, Trade and Survive. Perhaps this one was released first as it will be the easiest for gamers to wrap their heads around. Shooty-shooty, splodey-splodey, good?

In-game footage includes a bunch of quick clips from inside the player’s starship, including a lot of tight maneuvering between asteroids, fleets of ships much larger than the tiny fighter-class types the player will be flying. And, of course, some shooting of lasers. There’s a quick hint of some kind of mission system in space, with a UI element in the bottom right suggesting the player has been tasked with rescuing cargo freighters from some attack ships.

Afterwards the action moves to the surface of a couple of different planets with the player shooting at the Sentinel robots we’ve seen in other trailers, but also some pretty unique looking wildlife.

It all seems very exciting, but there’s still more than two weeks to the August 9th release date. And that’s August 10th in Australia.¬†Off to bury myself in the snow like Cartman, be right back.

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