A new challenger appears: Ana enters Overwatch

One of the most interesting characters in video games is now playable. Ana Amari, a sniper support Hero has joined Overwatch just a week after her big reveal – and she’s live now for all Overwatch PC players at no additional cost.

Ana is able to affect heroes all over the battlefield, no matter which side they’re on. She can use her Biotic Grenades and Biotic Rifle rounds to damage her enemies or heal her allies, while her powerful Sleep Dart renders key targets unconscious for five seconds, giving Ana plenty of time to escape combat or come up with some counter attacks of her own (like maybe her Ultimate, the Nano Boost, which will help one of her teammates to move faster, take less damage and dish out more pain.

As a character, Ana is fascinating. An elite Egyptian sharpshooter and one of the founding members of the original Overwatch task force, she’s also teammate Pharah’s mother. Even in a game as diverse as Overwatch, Ana stands alone. She is much older than your typical video game hero, with a unique arsenal and a very strategic approach.

Ana is introduced as part of the July 19 PC update, which also adds the oft-requested restriction to only allow one of each hero per team in Competitive Play matches.

The update includes a number of hero-specific tweaks, addressing McCree’s recent nerf, Mercy’s accidental suicide flights, the reason D.Va is picked less frequently than other tanks, and a whole stack of changes to make Zenyatta more appealing.

This is all available right now for PC gamers (we assume an equivalent console update will be out soon), and should be applied the next time you load up the game. The Player Attack offices are still pretty heavily weighted towards Tracer and Symmetra, but Ana is definitely next on the “to try” list.

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