Secret Identity: Comic book update for week beginning 17th July 2016

This week we have a huge release of news and comics. Read on for all the details, thanks to Tash from Brisbane’s Secret Identity Comics (7/139-145 Charlotte Street)!

Batwoman Elegy

Batwoman Elegy

Publisher and industry news
If you like your comics with a dash (or a dollop) of Noir – get excited. Titan Comics has announced that it will be partnering with publisher Hard Case Crime to introduce a new noir and crime comics line beginning October 5th. The new line of comics debuts with Triggerman, written by Walter Hill and Matz, and the title is described as a Prohibition-era thriller focused on a convict risking it all to save the woman who has captured his heart. The next title in the line, Peepland, written by Christa Faust and Gary Phillips with art by Andrea Camerini, releases October 12th, and focuses on the seedy peep booths in Times Square during the time period of 1980s New York.

Marvel continues to surprise with its current major release plot arc Civil War II, and this week the publisher released details regarding two of the Civil War II tie-ins, The Fallen and The Accused. Now, readers beware – there are spoilers relating to the most recent Civil War II issue upcoming – so if you are yet to read issue 3, it may be best to skip the rest of this paragraph. Marvel has announced that The Fallen #1, written by Greg Pak with art by Mark Bagley, focuses on Bruce Banner’s closest allies as they all reminisce and tell stories about the beloved man during his wake. Meanwhile, The Accused #1, written by Marc Guggenheim with art by Ramon Bachs and Garry Brown, focuses on Matt Murdock as he investigates the case of the murder of Bruce Banner and asks the tough questions of whether he can guarantee an unbiased trial for the accused, Clint Barton.

Movie and TV tie-in news
If you’re already sick of hearing about Pokemon thanks to the latest uber craze Pokemon GO sweeping Australia and the world, this is not going to be good news to you.  According to Deadline, the studio Legendary Pictures is currently in talks to secure the rights to a live-action Pokemon movie. Nothing is confirmed, and at the moment any talk regarding a live-action Pokemon movie is pure rumor, but given the massive popularity of anything Pokemon lately, it wouldn’t be a surprise if a movie were to be given the green light.

In new casting news, The Hollywood Reporter has announced that the role of Maggie Sawyer in season 2 of Supergirl has been cast, and the actress stepping up to play the National City Police detective is Floriana Lima. Lima has appeared in a variety of TV shows, from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, to Ghost Whisperer, How I Met Your Mother, Psych, Hawaii Five-O and even Melrose Place. She joins the Season 2 cast as a season regular.

Out this week
Black Hammer #1, written by Jeff Lemire with art by Dean Ormston releases this week, and begins the tale of the banished champions of Spiral City as they attempt to live simple lives in a farming town. Sadly for the ex-champions, trouble is only a heartbeat away.

For this week’s DC Rebirth watch – here are the new and continuing titles that will be hitting the shelves on Thursday: Aquaman #3 writen by Dan Abnett with art by Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy; Batman #3, written by Tom King with art by David Finch and Matt Batt Banning; Green Arrow #3, written by Ben Percy with art by Juan Ferreyra; Green Lanterns #3, written by Sam Humphries with art by Jay Leisten; Hellblazer Rebirth #1, written by Simon Oliver with art by Moritat; Justice League #1, written by Bryan Hitch with art by Sandu Florea; and Superman #3, written by Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason with art by Jorge Jimenez. Phew!

The focus is all on (or is that in) Harley Quinn’s mind in New Suicide Squad #22, the mind-bending finale of the series written by Tim Seeley with art by Ronan Cliquet.

With probably the most out there title of releases this week, Snotgirl #1 by Brian Lee O’Malley with art by Leslie Hung hits shelves, promising to introduce readers to a world of snot, blood and tears. Oh goodie.

It’s the new Thunderbolts vs the All-New Inhumans in Thunderbolts #3, written by Jim Zub with art by Jon Malin, promising a smattering of thwak-a-wak face punchy action.

In trade releases, Huck TP is out this week, written by Mark Millar with art by Rafael Alburquerque. The trade collects issues #1-6 of Huck, and tells the story of a small town gas station clerk called Huck, who uses his special powers to complete one good deed a day. When news of his special abilities breaks, Huck is soon in the middle of a media frenzy as his world is turned upside down.

Also releasing is The United States of Murder Inc TP, written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Michael Avon Oeming. Collecting The United States of Murder Inc issues #1-6, this title explores a world of crime fiction where the organised crime families never lost their control over the United States, where made men and hitwomen have all the power.

Weekly Pick
This week’s pick is one of my favourite graphic novels –Batwoman Elegy. Written by Greg Rucka with absolutely exquisite artwork by JH Williams III, Elegy follows Batwoman as she goes toe-to-toe with a madwoman known only as Alice, who is completely focused on unleashing a devastating toxic death cloud over Gotham City. JH Williams III’s artwork on this series is sublime – the artist received a nomination for an Eisner Award for Best Penciller/Inker and Best Cover Artist for his work on the title. Anyone who appreciates comics needs to own this, and anyone who thinks comics are simple 5 colour story panels needs to see the glorious artwork on display here.

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