Dead Rising Possibly Coming to PS4

Exophase, a game achievement tracking website, has recently released trophies for Dead Rising, categorized under PlayStation 4. There is no official word on whether or not there is a remaster coming, and whether or not it will be coming to the PS4, but if so, it will be the first time the game is available on any other platform other than Xbox.

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This comes as gamers are gearing up for the December 6th release of the next installment in the franchise, Dead Rising 4. Microsoft has said that the game will be released as a timed-exclusive for the Xbox, possibly hinting that the game could be coming to both Steam and Ps4 at a later date.

Dead Rising 4 will feature the protagonist Frank West, the star of the original game, and will be set in Williamette Parkview Mall, also the setting of the first game. Perhaps the callbacks to the original game hint even more to a remaster for the original open-world zombie beat-em-up game.


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