Pokémon GO Sends Nintendo Stocks Skyrocketing

While Pokémon GO has certainly left its mark on the history of video games, it also seems that its influence spans beyond that of the gaming industry, beating out massive corporations like Tokyo Electric and Nippon Steel (the world’s second largest steel producer) in the stock market. According to Bloomberg, Nintendo now ranks as the most traded Japanese stock in one day this century.

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nintendo stock img

This has come at an important time for Nintendo, as Nintendo Co. stock has been at a gradual decrease since August of 2015. This is perhaps due to the disappointing sales of the Wii U, which has only sold 12.80 million units, dwarfed by that of the PS4, released a year later, at over 40 million lifetime units sold.

This massive interest in Nintendo may just be the boost the company needs as it works on its upcoming platform, the Nintendo NX, expected to be released globally in March of 2017.


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