Ludeon Studios the latest Steam key fraud victim

A new week, a new victim of the current fraud dujour. This time it’s Ludeon Studios, the creators of early access title RimWorld. The developer has ceased providing Steam keys for new purchases of the game via their site, though previous customers will still be providedĀ a Steam key on request.

Citing a spike in fraudulent transactions since the game became available on Steam, Tynan Sylvester has laid out the current options for gamers wanting to buy RimWorld.

The game is, of course, for sale on Steam if you want a Steam copy. Buying from our site will give DRM-free copies as before, but no Steam key.

All the keys that were purchased fraudulently, presumably via stolen credit cards, are being revoked and Ludeon hopes to have them all deactivated before they can be sold on to “unwitting” gamers. Some of these keys may yet turn up on various key reseller sites. If you do buy a key for RimWorld significantly below the $29.99 price point offered on the official website and Steam, well, don’t act surprised if it gets revoked. You have been warned!

This is only the most recent incident. Last month the tinyBuild team posted a detailed break down on how much a specific key reseller, G2A, had cost them. It’s quite an eye-opener.

Haven’t heard of RimWorld? It’s a futuristic take on the classic Dwarf Fortress, where you manage a colony of misfits on a frontier world. It looks pretty neat.

Do you buy from key reseller sites? Will you continue to do so, even knowing there is an incredible amount of fraud involved? It seems harder and harder to justify saving a few bucks when it’s primarily disadvantaging independent developers.

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