Fallout Shelter out now on Windows PC, new content added

Bethesda’s vault managing simulator, Fallout Shelter, has emerged from the mobile vault and found a new home on Windows PC. If that wasn’t enough, the game has received a new update which adds quests, and even allows players to leave the safety of their vaults.



Prior to the update, players took on a fairly passive role as the Vault Overseer. Players could send their dwellers into the wasteland on supply runs, but could not follow those dwellers on their arduous treks or take direct control of their adventures.

Update 1.6 adds the option to actively take control of the aforementioned vault dwellers to explore familiar Fallout locales, like the Super Duper Mart, Red Rocket Fuel Stop and other neighboring vaults. The update also adds new enemies and weapons, as well as a revamped combat system.

The Windows PC version of Fallout Shelter is a free download, but can only be downloaded and played through the Bethesda.net launcher.

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