Original Splinter Cell free on PC this month

As part of Ubisoft’s 30 year anniversary celebration, the French publisher has made the original Splinter Cell free on PC to anyone with a Uplay account.


Franchise icon Sam Fisher

Franchise icon Sam Fisher


The celebration, titled Ubi30, sees the the publisher making a game from its vast back catalogue free for an entire month, for the next seven months.

The first title offered as part of the promo was 2003’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time; with Splinter Cell now replacing it.

The celebratory offerings are only available on PC, with anyone wishing to redeem them also needing to have an Ubisoft account. Creating an Ubisoft account, however, is as simple as ignoring a EULA and clicking a few times. The chances are you probably already have one, as most Ubisoft titles in the last four years have required one.

To claim the stealth-action title, pop over to the Ubi30 page, tick the box and click ‘Get the Game Now’. You’ll then be prompted to log in using your Uplay account. After that, you’ll find it in your Uplay library.

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