Hearthstone’s new hero is a Murloc shaman

Hearthstone: Heroes of WarcraftBlizzard’s digital card game, has added a new hero. Is it a mighty paladin? A cunning sorcerer? An unstoppable beast? No. It’s a Murloc named Morgl the Oracle.



For those uninitiated in the lore of Warcraft, Murlocs are weak fish-men, most associated with their signature and bizarre battle cry: mrrglglglglgl (have a listen here, you’ll love it). For that reason, Morgl marks the first Murloc in Hearthstone to be elevated above an relatively cheap card in a rush deck, attaining the status of a Hero!

While other heroes in Hearthstone are available as in-game purchases, Morgl is unlocked via slightly different method. Morgul is only attainable as the main gift for participating in Hearthstone’s new recruit-a-friend program.

What is the new recruitment program? Well, it involves you sending a recruitment email from your Battle.net account to any friends who aren’t already playing Hearthstone. If one of those friends accepts and reaches level 20, you’ll unlock Morgl for use on your account. For the next four friends who reach level 20, you’ll receive a free Classic card pack.

It’s unfortunate that it requires someone else’s input and time (unless you create a new account and recruit yourself) but a cool Murloc is a cool Murloc.

Hearthstone is available to play on Windows PC, Android and iOS.


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