Arma 3: Apex expansion brings a whole new island

As promised at this year’s PC Gaming Show, the team at Bohemia Interactive has finished work on the brand new expansion for Arma 3. Titled Apex, the new content brings all sorts of things – not least of which is Tanoa, a massive, 100km² location. (You’ll also get 13 new weapons, 10 new vehicles, new forces and a new co-op campaign, but that there map is the big drawcard.)

I hope you’ve got some data available for downloads – Apex is a chunky 9.6GB download (as long as your current Arma 3 install is up to date).

While you’re grabbing that one from the servers, we advise you take a look at the Arma 3 dev site, which not only contains the entire patch notes for this latest update, but it also offers a number of ways to make sure your game runs smoothly. These include avoiding corrupted data, tips on managing your mods, and advice on how to get feedback to the developers.

Don’t think you can escape upgrading just because you don’t want to buy into Apex! You’ll still need the latest update, and it’s a good one. 1.62 brings with it vehicle in vehicle transport, an upgraded revive system, an overhauled main menu and enhanced environmental audio.

That download is a mere 1.5GB, which still gives you some time to read over that dev site. There might be a pop quiz.

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