Ana Amari is the newest character added to Overwatch

The first new hero has been added to Overwatch, less than two months after the game’s release. Ana is one of Overwatch’s founding members, and after taking a few years away from the battlefront, she’s making her glorious return.

As someone commented on Twitter – Ana is “a grandma that literally snipes medicine into you”.

She’s another ranged hero, with a “unique and highly-specialised” arsenal. Darts from her Biotic Rifle can deal ongoing damage to her enemies or restore health to her allies. Continuing the theme, Ana’s Biotic Grenade will both heal teammates and injure foes foolish enough to get involved in close-quarter skirmishes. Her Ultimate is Nano Boost, transforming friendlies into Super Soldiers who move faster, take less damage and deal more damage to their opponents. And then there’s the Sleep Dart, in case she needs to quickly knock anyone unconscious (we all do from time to time, right?).

We’re not sure when she’ll be unleashed upon the world, but if you want to check her out now, Ana Amari is available now on the Overwatch Public Test Region.

…and, in case you’d heard the rumours, we’re pretty certain that Ana is not Sombra, the hero we were expecting to be revealed this month. However, Blizzard is set to appear on a panel at Comic-Con next week, so fans are divided on whether they’ll be taking the wraps off of Sombra then, or simply revealing more about Ana. Time will tell.

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