EA signs deal to turn Battlefield into a TV series

This is not something I ever thought I would say: Battlefield is getting its own TV series.
Paramount Television and a company called Anonymous Content have optioned the rights to the shooter, and an Academy Award winner is already attached to the project.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

Michael Sugar was producer on Spotlight, which picked up the Best Picture award in 2015, and now he – and Anonymous Content’s Ashley Zalta – is turning his attention to DICE’s best-selling franchise.

Sugar explains:

Battlefield has a tremendous built-in, engaged fan base, making it a highly coveted piece of IP primed for long-form adaptation. Together with EA and Paramount TV, we’ll develop the Battlefield TV series with the same commitment to robust storytelling that has made the game such a runaway success for nearly fifteen years.

With more than 60 million players worldwide since the first game launched back in 2002, it’s not really surprising that Battlefield is branching out beyond video games, but we didn’t quite expect this.

Amy Powell, President of Paramount TV continues:

Paramount TV actively seeks smart content from all sectors that will resonate with audiences and translate to compelling programming. EA’s Battlefield has an incredibly dynamic narrative, coupled with a loyal fan base, which will allow us to bring this exciting and unique property to the small screen. We look forward to working with EA and Anonymous Content and thank Michael Sugar for his tenacity in bringing us this exciting project.

Anonymous Content has worked closely with Paramount TV before (creating programming across broadcast, premium cable, cable and online – including True Detective), but this is the company’s first foray into videogame content.

And it’s a good place to start, says Patrick Söderlund, Executive Vice President, EA:

Battlefield is one of the most loved properties among our players. We are thrilled that Anonymous Content and Paramount TV will look to introduce fans to Battlefield through a new medium.

And while we’re a little surprised by today’s announcement, it’s not the first time EA and DICE have announced a television series – four years ago, Fox was reportedly working on turning Battlefield: Bad Company into a comedy series… but the project was axed soon after being revealed. Here’s hoping Anonymous Content’s goes a little further!

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