Has Xbox Australia revealed the Sea of Thieves release date?

Oops – the good folks at Xbox Australia might have just outed the release date for Rare’s upcoming piratical adventure, Sea of Thieves. The developer kept quiet on the topic while showing the game off at E3, but it looks like the publisher’s local branch has just let the cat out of the proverbial bag.

Ship-REKT! Sea Of Thieves [CTC] is coming to #XboxOne Feb 2017

Ship-REKT! Sea Of Thieves [CTC] is coming to #XboxOne Feb 2017

Take it as you will – the tweet, direct from the Xbox Australia account, has now been deleted (we’re not sure if that makes the story more or less believable).

Good news: The new date does tie in with rumours that have been circulating in recent weeks.
Bad news: Head of Xbox Marketing at Microsoft Aaron Greenberg would like to remind everyone that nothing has been officially announced yet.

…that said, we hope that is the right date, as we can’t wait to get our hands on the first new Rare IP in what seems like forever. Regardless of when it finally gets here, Sea of Thieves will launch on both Xbox One and Windows 10 as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program.

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