DOOM looks better than ever, thanks to new graphics API support

PC purists and id Software fans rejoice, as DOOM now supports the Vulkan graphics API on Windows PC, which could mean a monstrous boost to your game’s max frame rate; if your graphics card can support it that is.






Vulkan support was added as part of an update for DOOM today. After downloading and updating the latest drivers, players will have the option to play DOOM using the OpenGL or Vulkan API. For those whom like statistics, benchmarks from AMD show players using Vulkan may see a 20 percent or greater boost to the game’s frame rate.

“When we were looking to adopt Vulkan for DOOM, the main question we asked ourselves was: ‘What’s the gamer benefit?’” id Software chief technical officer Robert Duffy said in a post on publisher Bethesda’s website. “Ultimately the biggest benefit will be high frame rates. There are a number of game-focused reasons super-high frame rates matter, but primarily its movement and player feel. The game just feels amazing running that fast, so we made it a priority to try to really exploit the available hardware on PC.

“We also anticipate some older GPUs will now be able to play the game at good frame rates. We hope the range of GPU support widens with additional game and driver updates. That said, this is the first time a triple-A game is releasing on a brand-new API and brand-new drivers so there may be a few bumps, but our testing is showing really great performance and stability.”

DOOM players can download the latest drivers for their GPUs here: AMD and Nvidia. For more details on Vulkan support, such as which GPUs it is compatible with, check out id Software’s FAQ.

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