Reddit trick should lower battery consumption of Pokemon GO

Like many other phone-equip Pokemon hunters, the largest challenge you’ve probably encountered so far in Pokemon GO has been brutal battery depletion and soaring data usage, due to the constantly running GPS and app refreshment.


Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go


This is true for this writer, and anecdotally for other players I’ve witnessed huddling around Wi-Fi spots, armed with portable battery packs. However, due to a post from Reddit user throwaway96388, this sight may soon wane, as they posit an idea for conserving battery and cutting data usage with one simple system change.

Since Pokemon GO uses Google Maps API, players can simply download the maps directly from Google and use them offline. Reports regarding the method from players have been positive, with players saying they have noticed a decrease in data usage and, more importantly, a decrease in battery consumption. It is key to note though that reports still point to the majority of phones dying after three to six hours of continuous play though.

To download the maps and use them offline, players have to open the Google Maps app on their phone, go into settings, hit option for offline maps, tap the plus sign and add their location. Even with the maps being offline, players will still have full access to the game through their data. This should also see a decrease in data consumption too.

Niantic Labs is aware of the battery draining potential of its app and said it is looking into ways to fix the issue.

Since the apps release, Pokemon GO has run the gamete of social wins and losses, ranging from helping people exercise, combating mental health issues and organizing like minded people in mass walks to becoming a tool for criminals, causing people to find dead bodies and increasing personal injury rates.


While multiple reports from Reddit users have stated this method improving the gaming experience for them, a Google engineer on Twitter has countered saying that it isn’t a viable solution.

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