Evolve’s player base skyrockets after move to F2P model

Team-based multiplayer shooter Evolve has clambered back up the Steam charts, due to its recent shift to a a free-to-play title.





The developer, Turtle Rock Studios,  re-released the game in beta last Friday, and within 70 hours Steam Charts has shown a 2820 percent increase in its player base.

In the 30 days prior to the re-launch, Evolve averaged  a high  of 567 concurrent players; with the month prior to that only ever peaking  at 234 players. As of the last 70 hours, Evolve Stage 2’s number of peak concurrent players sits at 51,000; with the game sitting in the top 10 most played games of steam list, according to Valve’s own metrics.

Evolve is currently free-to-play on PC. As of the time of writing, neither publisher nor developer has given a time frame for the business model shift pertaining to consoles.


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