Steam Weekly Top Sellers: July 11th, 2016

Each week, gamers around the world log onto digital distribution platform Steam, to get their latest gaming fix, and every week, Player Attack lets you know which games were the most popular.

Even though Grand Theft Auto V has been available on Steam for more than 12 months, the team at Rockstar are still releasing new free content every month or so, to keep the game fresh and exciting. There’s the new “Cunning Stunts” racing update that’s out July 12, just in case you needed something new after last month’s “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony”. All these new updates and extra bits and pieces have made Grand Theft Auto Online a rather different game than it was at launch, so even if you think you don’t need to spend any more time becoming the criminal kingpin of Los Santos, it just might be worth a re-visit.

In the meantime, the Steam Summer Sale is over again for another year, and things have returned to normal, a bit. It’s a solid top ten – and it’s good to see Dead by Daylight more than holding its own against the big boys.

#1: Grand Theft Auto V
GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is now available for PC. As CEO, gain access to a whole new frontier of black market opportunities with SecuroServ’s patented Special Cargo Network, allowing you to buy and sell illegal goods across a city-wide empire.
#1 - Grand Theft Auto V
#2 – DOOM
#3 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
#4 – ARK: Survival Evolved
#5 – Dead by Daylight
#6 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
#7 – Fallout 4
#8 – Rocket League
#9 – Rise of the Tomb Raider
#10 – Arma 3

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