Pokemon GO events pop up all over Australia this weekend

Just in case you thought you were doomed to walk alone in Pokémon Go, a bunch of events have popped up over the weekend to give you someone to walk with (and battle against!). Things started out with one event in Sydney, and there are now gatherings planned in most Australian capital cities.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

Pokemon GO Sydney Walk #1 was created when Guy “Yug” Blomberg – host of the Game Hugs podcast – thought he’d set up an event for a few friends on a Saturday morning, inviting them to gather in a park and wander around some Sydney landmarks. That “few” friends then grew to a few hundred, to a thousand. At time of writing, more than three and a half thousand people have clicked “attending” on Yug’s event, with 11 thousand people “interested”. You can join them at the Domain (in front of the Art Gallery of NSW) outside the Botanical Gardens from 10am Saturday July 9.

Other events around the country aren’t quite as popular, but are still nothing to laugh at.

Melbourne gets a Pokémon Go Adventure Party, with 2,400 people “going”. That one starts at Federation Square at 10am on Saturday July 9 as well.

The Perth Pokémon Go Walk has nearly a thousand people promising their attendance – meeting “near the Cactus” in Forrest Place Mall at midday on Sunday July 10.

Pokémon GO Adelaide Walk #1 was only announced this morning, but numbers are growing. It will be at the Elder Park Rotunda from 11am Saturday July 9.

To find out more about planned events, join the Pokémon GO Walk Facebook Group, which has been set up to keep track of everything happening in this great country of ours.

See you this weekend – and be sure to follow Police advice at all times.

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