Evolve no longer for sale on Steam, speculation of going F2P

Turtle Rock’s asymmetrical multiplayer shooter Evolve is no longer for sale on Steam.


Sorry, PS4...



The change coincidentally came after the announcement of the “biggest, craziest update yet” from the studio’s co-founder and creative director Phil Robb. This has led many to speculate that the update will involve a move to a free-to-play model, though neither developer or publisher has made any statement regarding that the games business model is changing.

The speculation stems partly from figures on Steamcharts, which highlights Evolves struggling player base that currently averages a peak of 234 users, and the fact that the official Evolve website has a countdown timer to a big reveal. Logically, this move would provide a much needed revitalization of the games player base and the countdown adds an air of panache to such an announcement.

At the time of writing the timer still has 13 hours left to go. We will update the story to reflect the new information as it’s revealed.

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