The Warriors, RockStar Games’ hidden gem, available on PS4

The Warriors, Rockstar Games’ 2005 adaptation of one of the best films of all time, is now available on PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation Store.


Oh, it's on!

Oh, it’s on!


Originally released on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, the game itself has aged surprisingly well. Though the re-release is far from a ‘remaster’ it does sport full 1080p upscaling, support for trophies, Remote Play and Share Play.

The Warriors is a beat-em-up / action-adventure narrative,  which also acts as prelude and an epilogue to Walter Hill’s seminal classic, recreating the time honored scuffles of the titular New York gang as they battle through hostile turf.

Players will tussle with the likes of the Moonrunners, the Turnbull ACs and -my favorite- the Baseball Furies; all whilst doing some straight up hood-rat shit like stealing 8-track players and tagging walls. The authenticity is boosted by the inclusion of the original score by Barry Vorzon.

The re-release just so happens to coincide with the announcement that The Warriors is being adapted into a TV Series by the Russo Brothers, so it’s good news all round really.

The Warriors on PS4 is available for $14.99 (USD) through the PlayStation Store.

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