Twitch app now available on PlayStation Vita

Well, this one comes a little out of left field.


Twitch: Bringing its foot down.

Twitch: home of stuff you apparently like.


Do you happen to be one of the…7- and that’s an optimistic estimate- people that own a PS Vita? Do you also happen to enjoy watching other people play games or doing other inane activities? Then strap in friend, as the Twitch app has found its way to Sony’s forgotten powerhouse of a handheld.

The Twitch app for PlayStation Vita lets users follow channels and watch live and recorded broadcasts, but that’s where the functionality ends. The Twitch app won’t let users broadcast from their Vita and doesn’t appear to support chat.

If this is your cup of tea, you can grab the app, a 12.4 MB download, from the PlayStation Store now.

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