EB Games Cosplayer Pass Under Fire

Cosplay is an expensive hobby. Materials, time, and conventions can easily add up after a short time, so when a convention tries to appeal directly to cosplayers, you shouldn’t charge people extra for what other conventions supply for free.

EB Games Expo has announced their Ultimate Cosplayer Pass which is almost double the price of a regular weekend pass.

For $299(!!!), EB Games Expo boasts about providing the ultimate cosplay experience. For your hard-earned money, you got access to:

  • Emergency Repair Station for everything you need to get your outfit back up to scratch to hit the floor.
  • Cloak Room for storing your costume so you can enjoy EB Expo 2016 in your own skin
  • Powder Room to touch up your makeup
  • Chill Out Lounge
  • Café Seating Area
  • Water Stations
  • Priority Access to Cosplay Competitions: Get first dibs on registration for the Just ‘Cos Cosplay Competition, featuring over $5,000 in prizes to be won!
  • Priority Access to Cosplay 360° Camera: Jump the queue and capture every inch of your masterpiece using over 50 linked DSLR cameras
    Souvenir Ultimate Cosplayer Ticket
  • EB Expo Souvenir: Your choice of EB Expo branded mug or shirt

Breaking this down, other conventions will offer cosplayers the majority of these “services” in the price of the standard ticket. People like Captain Patch-It and his patchit-teers, who are clearly sent to Australian conventions by the cosplay Gods, has been set up at PAX Australia and Oz Comic-Con for years.

Not only this, you’re paying to get into the cosplay competition. Some have joked that EB Games have managed to make competitions a pre-order bonus because of their history of pre-order exclusive content. Last year, my boyfriend wanted to enter the cosplay competition at EBX to extend his two-year winning streak out to three years. After arriving to the expo an hour after the floor opened, J was told that daily registration had filled within 10 minutes and all allocation had been filled because of pre-registration. We were thoroughly annoyed.

Cosplayers have naturally been somewhat vexed about EBX trying to… well, exploit them for money. What makes it worse is when questioned about the more than shady pass, EB’s social media team were deleting comments, using the excuse “Only comments which are offensive or contain expletives are removed”. However, on a private Facebook thread, several friends allege that their request for more information had been deleted.

EBX has always been a convention that a lot of people would happily pass up to save the money, especially for my cosplaying friends, but some of my Sydney-Newcastle-based friends try to make it. Charging people extra who are already willing to provide extra value to your show is shady as hell. With the added bonus of comments being deleted, the whole thing has cast EB Games social media (who are generally pretty good) and EBX in a hugely negative light with a lot of people.

From what I can tell, a lot of cosplayers probably won’t be attending because, who likes being exploited for money?

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