Legendary Pokemon Shaymin now available through Nintendo Network

The year-long legendary Pokemon distribution event just keeps on a rollin’, with Nintendo making the mythical grass type Shaymin available this month through the Nintendo Network.



The adorable level 100 hedgehog Pokemon is now available for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Pokemon trainers; as well as those still dabbling in Pokemon X&Y.

Players can receive this unassuming legendary- who comes touting Seed Flare, Aromatherapy, Substitute, and Energy Ball- through the Nintendo Network from today through to July 24.

The Mythical Pokemon distribution event is just one way Nintendo is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pokemon.

So far players have had the opportunity to obtain MewCelebiJirachiDarkrai and Manaphy; with heavyweight Arceus slated as next months legendary giveaway.


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