BONUS PODCAST : Video-game music with Capcom’s Tim Turi

For those that keep up with myself and Rade every Thursday on Player Attack’s Untitled Podcast (For those who don’t, you should REALLY get on that!) You would have heard Rade and I talk about video-game music and the game-ification of our lives.

During that conversation I spoke briefly about Tim turi.

Tim Turi

Such a very nice man.

Tim Turi is a very nice man.

He is a man who is lucky enough to now be working for a company that he had idolised from childhood. After seeing him manning the Resident Evil VII booth for Capcom at this year’s E3 I was reminded of a time in January 2015 when the then Senior Associate Editor of Game Informer magazine (those who frequent EB Games may be familiar) took some time out to talk with me about another passion that we both share, music, but more specifically, music included within and produced exclusively for video-games.

We spoke excitedly for an hour and a half of the many different ways that the right, or wrong music can have the most profound effect on not only the game or your reaction to it, but also the effects it can have on your emotions, your feels.

From the triumphant horn section of the Uncharted theme, to the supposed safety of the piano keys softly lingering in the atmosphere of a Resident Evil save room. Music can add so much to your enjoyment, or lack-thereof of any given video-game. The same can be said for movies as well but the interactivity here is key, when your blowing up demons in DOOM with the metal soundtrack pumping in your ears you feel great! Almost a demon yourself that can do anything on this power trip the riff is taking you on.

We spoke about our favourite pieces, greatest experiences including which soundtrack just made us yell “FUCK YEAH!” when the crescendo hit, the amazement of climbing a giant monster in Shadow of the Colossus and of course we talked about THAT final fight in Metal Gear Solid 4!

During the interview I also played the music that we’re talking about so even if you haven’t heard a particular track, we can travel on the feels train together! Obviously all credit for the music goes to the geniuses that created them and the companies they represent.

I found that episode we recorded and have uploaded it into the Player Attack’s Untitled Podcast feed on iTunes, the episode can be downloaded from and streamed from any podcast app out there, whether you’re on iOS or Android.

Or if you prefer you can stream or download it from right here!

I hope y’all take a little time out and enjoy some music and banter between the two of us, I had a blast talking with Tim and will forever be grateful for the time he gave to talk to me.

I’d love to do it again sometime. Who know’s maybe we’ll get another guest in for the Untitled Podcast.

Keep it tight out there, people.

See you next Thursday 😀

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