New Pokemon revealed in Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer

Nintendo has released a new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer, which just so happens to introduce seven new Pokemon.

Unfortunately for Nintendo the trailer was leaked this morning, with stills from it posted online showcasing the new additions to the evergrowing PokeDex.

The good folks over at Serebii were kind enough to translate the Pokemon names and types seen in the the trailer. Check out the interesting new type combos below!


  • Bruxish: Water/Psychic
  • Charjabug: Bug/Electric
  • Cutiefly:Bug/Fairy
  • Drampa: Normal/Dragon
  • Tapukoko: Electric/Fairy
  • Togedemaru: Electric/Steel-type
  • Vikavolt: Bug/Electric

Pokemon Sun and Moon releases for Nintendo 3DS November 18 in North America and November 23 in Europe.

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