Batman: Return to Arkham has been delayed… indefinitely

Warner Bros has surprised everyone by delaying the upcoming release of Batman: Return to Arkham. On one hand, this isn’t that unusual – games are delayed all the time. On the other, Return to Arkham is “just” a remastered version of the PS3 and Xbox 360 releases Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, so how much more development time does it need?

(On the third hand, we’re particularly concerned by the lack of a new release date… surely it’s still in the works, right?)

Batman: Return to Arkham was set for release on July 29, but a company spokesperson has posted to the game’s forums that it definitely won’t be meeting that date.

After reviewing the progress of the project, the team at WB Games has decided to delay the release of Batman: Return to Arkham to give the team at Virtuous Games additional time to deliver a polished Batman Arkham game experience. We do not have a release date yet and will be sure to communicate that once we are sure the game will be ready.

We know this is disappointing news, but we feel the extra time will allow the team to create the best gaming experience for our fans.

While we’re still throwing extra hands around, here’s a fourth. It’s actually quite good to see WBIE delaying a game. The publisher’s recent PC-release history (see: Batman: Arkham Knight for example) has been less-than-stellar, so perhaps acknowledging the problem before it happens is a step in the right direction.

Batman: Return to Arkham features Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, plus all of each game’s post-release DLC, polished up to use Unreal Engine 4. That is, if and when it ever comes out.

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