Want even more tunes for your Fallout 4 Pip-Boy?

If you saw Jessica’s post last month on the Radio Enhanced mod for Fallout 4 and thought 286 new songs just wasn’t enough, here’s two more mods with eleventy gajillion more tracks to keep you bopping through the wasteland.

The first mod is a continuation of the rather cleverly named “More Where That Came From” from Fallout 3 and it adds 111 new tunes to Diamond City Radio, all thematically appropriate and from around the right era as the base game’s songs. It doesn’t replace any of the originals, but it does lose Travis’ intros and outtros to avoid any weirdness. If you’ve played the game for more than a few hours with the radio on you have likely heard all those bad jokes anyway.

If 111 new songs isn’t enough, there’s an additional file available to add the 100 tracks from the original mod, plus another 40 added to the Classical station you can tune in to on your Pip-Boy.

All songs are either Creative Commons or otherwise out of copyright due to age and were sourced from public libraries of such things, according to the mod authors.

Grab “More Where That Came From – Diamond City Radio Edition” from Nexusmods.

Still not enough new content for your radio? How about a whole gaggle of new stations to tune to during your wandering?

Old World Radio - Boston - Fallout 4

Old World Radio – Boston adds a staggering twenty-one new stations to the game and weighs in at a whopping 3.9GB.

Rather than simply adding more songs, Old World Radio is looking to add standalone stations to the game. The “Agatha’s Song” station, for example, has an old lady recounting some of the tales of her trip from the Capital Wasteland to Boston, interspersed with some classical music. Cadillac Jack’s Radio Shack is broadcast from a self-built shack that is occasionally plagued by mutated creatures, with cheery songs in between tales of beasties.

Gopnik Radio might be my favourite. It’s subtitled “From Russia With Love” and it seems to be a lot of Russian military band music. Maybe not entirely in keeping with the American setting, but marching through a storm with those voices…

It’s not just music though, there’s also some radio plays like Nightfall, though you will need to tweak your volume settings to get the most out of that one. It’s a wee bit quiet and you won’t be able to hear the actors over the ambient noise, much less if a storm rolls in. A couple of stations are a tad on the quiet side, though versions of the mod with louder settings are available.

Also, there’s a station full of Nine Inch Nails instrumental tracks. Completely at odds with the game thematically, but a nice change of pace if you’re stuck in a Uranium Fever rut.

“Old World Radio – Boston” is also available from Nexusmods.

They’re also promising a new station with Christopher Walken impressionist Timothy Banfield doing the voicework “soon”, which ought to be a hoot!

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