65daysofstatic takes No Man’s Sky soundtrack on the road

UK band 65daysofstatic are preparing to embark on the largest tour ever for a video game soundtrack, taking the sounds of No Man’s Sky around Europe, with “the rest of the world” following shortly after.

Here’s a teaser from the band – new track Red Parallax, lifted directly from the No Man’s Sky soundtrack – which should put you in the mood.

The band’s Paul Wolinski explains:

No Man’s Sky is a project about a borderless universe of infinite possibility. It’s certainly a brighter future to imagine than the one our little country just thrust upon Europe. We are always excited to be able to come and play shows in mainland Europe, now more than ever. Let’s get some antifascist international solidarity going on & not let the demagoguery drag us down to the oblivion it has planned for us. See you on the road. Unless our passports are no good anymore.

The band’s 27-stop European tour will feature songs from throughout the band’s career, in addition to the No Man’s Sky creations. If your city’s not mentioned, we’re promised that “the rest of the world” will follow, so keep your fingers crossed!

European tour dates:

  • 18-Oct Les 4 Ecluses, DUNKERQUE, FRANCE
  • 19-Oct Badaboum, PARIS, FRANCE
  • 20-Oct La Rodia, BESANCON, FRANCE
  • 22-Oct Bergmal Festival, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND
  • 24-Oct Razzmatazz 2, BARCELONA, SPAIN
  • 25-Oct But, MADRID, SPAIN
  • 26-Oct Hard Club, PORTO, PORTUGAL
  • 29-Oct Las Armas, ZARAGOZA, SPAIN
  • 01-Nov MJC Picaud, CANNES, FRANCE
  • 02-Nov Locomotiv, BOLOGNA, ITALY
  • 03-Nov Monk, ROME, ITALY
  • 04-Nov Magnolia, MILAN, ITALY
  • 05-Nov Mame, PADOVA, ITALY
  • 06-Nov Kranhalle, MUNCHEN, GERMANY
  • 08-Nov Meet Factory, PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC
  • 09-Nov C-Theatre, BERLIN, GERMANY
  • 10-Nov Uebel & Gefährlich, HAMBURG, GERMANY
  • 13-Nov Botanique, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM
  • 14-Nov Islington Assembly Hall, LONDON, UK
  • 15-Nov Marble Factory, BRISTOL, UK
  • 16-Nov Plug, SHEFFIELD, UK
  • 17-Nov Sage 2, NEWCASTLE, UK
  • 18-Nov Art School, GLASGOW, UK

Of course, if you’re not in the right places to catch the band live, you can still pick up the soundtrack No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe, available worldwide on CD and digitally (via Laced Records) from August 5, with a vinyl release promised for later in the year. That means, if you act fast, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the soundtrack four days before the official release of No Man’s Sky! (The game’s out on August 9 in North America, and August 10 in the UK and Europe.)

Remember, it’s a 10-track album plus an additional six soundscapes, each forming part of the same body of work.

The band says:

Being involved with No Man’s Sky is as unlikely as it is exciting. Two years of our lives have disappeared into a black hole and we’ve been spat out into another dimension. The project has pushed us to explore new processes and techniques, to rethink our relationship with our own music and to essentially soundtrack every narrative thread of a ‘choose your own adventure’ novel that exists only in our minds. We’re really proud of the results, and can’t wait to release the album and play it live.

Want to know more? Head to the Laced Records website, that should help.

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