System Shock reboot scores Chris Avellone, releases free demo

System Shock, Night Dive Studios’ re-imagining of Looking Glass’s classic sci-fi role-playing game, opened for crowdfunding today; complete with a free demo.

The projects Kickstarter page reveals several new details about the revived cult favorite, with one of particular interest being that designer Chris Avellone has joined the project. Formerly of RPG specializing studios Obsidian Entertainment and Interplay,  Avellone’s credits include Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment Fallout: New Vegas and Wasteland 2. Avellone’s involvement with the project will include “help[ing] shape and direct the existing narrative of System Shock,” according to Night Dive.


Chris Avellone

Chris Avellone


Another cited key reason Avellone was brought on board the project involves his experience with modern open-world games. In joining the team he will be reunited with former colleagues whom he worked with on Fallout: New Vegas.  This marks the second reboot Avellone currently has in the works, recently announcementing of his involvement on the next installment of Prey; which Bethesda debuted at this year’s E3.

While the new System Shock is based heavily on its 1994 predecessor, Night Dive recently removed the term “Remastered” from the title. This comes at the behest of the studio, whom insist that the upcoming Xbox One and Windows PC game is a “reimagining”.



A taste of things to come is available now, with Night Dive having released a demo available to all in tandem with the Kickstarter campaign. You can download it for free or watch Polygon’s run-through above.

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