Test your luck? Warner Bros. giving away a Game of Thrones themed Xbox One

Now, I was once one to dabble in collectors edition consoles and variants, as noted by having more Dreamcast’s than I know what to do with, but what Warner Bros. France and Xbox just announced is a holy grail item for collecting enthusiasts. Just…just watch.

Oh yeah. You saw it. A Game of Thrones themed console. Warner Bros. France and Xbox are teaming up on this to mark the end of season six of HBO’s ridiculously popular series, and the resulting progeny is wicked limited. Wicked limited like there’s three. A whole three units in existence.

Want it? Well, prepare to social media your heart out!

Winning one entails heading to Xbox France’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, and liking, commenting and retweeting for your chance to snag one.

May the odds be ever in your favor…or whatever the tag line for this show is. Something about winter and not knowing anything about snow. Regardless, have at it!

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