Skyrim Total Conversion Enderal launching this weekend

Seems the fancy remastered version of Skyrim isn’t the only big new thing on the way, with the team at SureAI announcing the impending release of their Total Conversion, Enderal.

Set in a new world, with a new landscape, story, gameplay mechanics and providing an entirely new skill system, it looks pretty fantastic.

They’ve even thoughtfully provided English subtitles, if sie nicht sprechen Deutsch. Voice actors, some of whom have done professional voice work for other games, are on tap for both the German and English language versions.

It’s unclear whether mods like this will make the transition to the Special Edition of Skyrim without any drama, but we can only wish them the best of luck.

Enderal is launching July 1-3 in German, with an English version to follow a few weeks later. Check out the official site for more details.

And let us know if you try Enderal, we’d love to hear from you.

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