Steam Summer Sale 2016 is a-go-go!

It’s heeeee-eeeeere! The 2016 Steam Summer Sale has kicked off, just when the rumours said it would, and you can pick up some serious discounts on just about everything on the site. Brace your wallets, we’re going in.

Everybody is at home playing games.

Everybody is at home playing games.

This year, the sale runs from June 23 until July 4th, 10am PDT, with literally thousands of games on sale across the next two weeks (at time of writing, there are 12,845 titles offered at a discount).

The team at Steam has changed a few things in recent years to streamline the Sale process. The “Daily Deal” system we’ve enjoyed in previous years has been dropped. Previously, games were sold at one price point for the entire fortnight, but at another – cheaper – one if/when the game was featured on the front page of the Steam website. Predictably, this meant people weren’t buying games until they saw them featured – until a mad rush on the last day of the sale when it was clear this was as cheap as they’d get.

The new format does away with all of that, instead giving games one price at the start of the sale and sticking to it until July 4 at 10:01am. The Daily Deals highlighted on the front page are simply that – highlights – showing off savings and promotions that are available for the full two-week period.

At this stage, things that stand out to us include 75% off This War of Mine, up to 75% off the LEGO franchise, 80% off Surgeon Simulator 2013, and 80% off NBA 2K16. Of course, there are literally thousands more on sale, so if there’s something you’ve been thinking about getting, why not nab it now? That pile of unplayed games won’t get bigger by itself!

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