Watch 10+ minutes of Civilization VI fresh from E3

Last week at E3, Jonny was invited behind-closed-doors to check out a very special Civilization VI presentation. While this made him very happy, it made us very sad because we missed out… but! No more! Here’s the full-length video that was shown at the 2K booth at E3 2016, complete with narration by the one and only Sean Bean.

…and before you ask, no, Sean Bean does not die in this one.

Instead, he talks us through 10+ minutes of glorious world-building goodness, which 2K acknowledges has has been edited lightly for time. We’re shown how the cities are expaneded into districts, each one with their own specialisation.

Districts get even more deliciously complex – some are only available to certain civilisations, others need certain conditions, and others earn bonuses based on their placement in the world.

If you want in on this one, you don’t have long to wait. Civilization VI is due worldwide on October 21, but if you really can’t wait, you can pre-purchase your copy now and start playing the moment the floodgates open.

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